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Training in Rome

In the framework of the EU co-funded project RecoASIA, an in-presence three-day training has been organized in Rome, at LUISS university premises.

The training was targeted at staff of competent authorities, Higher Education Institutions and National Information Centres of partner countries.

From 27th to 29th September 2023 several subjects have been discussed: policies in the institutional contexts in the field of internationalization of higher education and recognition, with a focus on topics such as substantial differences, recognition related to academic qualifications and double degrees procedures.

In the last day of training, participants from Higher Education Institutions and Ministries and NARIC centres were engaged in two different sessions. The former group participated in two laboratories about identifying elements and requirements for an institutional guideline on the recognition of qualifications and credit mobility, the latter discussed practical approach to recognition of qualifications and fraud detection and verification of authenticity of qualifications, both based on real cases.

All materials are available on the restricted area of the RecoASIA website.

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