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Project results

The RecoASIA project activities will lead in the medium/long run to the improvement of recognition of foreign qualifications and improved student mobility between and within the Asian and European higher education systems.

Among the outputs, special attention is placed on the following:

  • National Reports
  • Controversial recognition cases and sectors such as Transnational Education (TNE) and international institutions, distant learning qualifications and non-traditional education. The project partners will elaborate reports for the evaluation of non-traditional, cross-border or trans-national education and distance learning institutions.
Drafting Partner countries National report

Teamworking and sharing ideas: these principles were enshrined in the third work package of the RecoASIA project. The purpose of this WP was to draft National Reports (NR) describing each country’s higher education system and qualification recognition procedures. Project partners shared experiences and knowledge to elaborate NRs as useful tools for other countries’ credential evaluators both at national and institutional levels, providing them with reliable, first-hand information. Partners from Cambodia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam met with CIMEA and HARNO in three bilateral meetings to discuss the structure to be followed and to analyse the drafts of the reports jointly realised by each country.

Full text of the National Report of Cambodia


Full text of the National Report of Mongolia


Full text of the National Report of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Full text of the National Report of Thailand


Full text of the National Report of Vietnam