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Training & study visits

What we do

Within the framework of the RecoASIA project, a series of training activities are organised by focusing on the main challenges and issues related to the recognition of foreign qualifications and the internationalisation of higher education. 

Experts from the Italian and Estonian ENIC-NARIC centres trained partner Universities’ staff from Cambodia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam and representatives from the respective competent authorities on higher education. All the trainings, organised partially in an on-line modality due to the Covid-19 outbreak, were duly evaluated by supporting continuous and sustainable improvement.

  • Online training to reinforce the role and the activities of NICs at governmental level (WP2)
  • Online training to reinforce competencies on the internationalisation of higher education (WP4)
  • Cycle of training meetings on the role of NICs and recognition of qualifications (WP2)
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Study visits
  • CIMEA study visit at MNCEA
  • CIMEA and HARNO visit VN-NARIC
  • Study visit in Rome
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